The baby he had with his own stepdaughter was the result of an unplanned mistake’ Errol Musk – South African father of Elon Musk – revealed.

Jana Bezuidenhout’s ex-wife and mother Jana Bezuidenhout, who is 42 years younger, accused him of bringing shame on the family.

Errol said that Elliot Rush is his sixth child. This was after Jana had been kicked out by her boyfriend.

MailOnline has revealed that Elon Musk’s estranged father had a baby with his 42-year old stepdaughter.

Errol Musk is 72 and father to Tesla Motors Chief Elliot Rush Musk. The baby boy was born to Jana Bezuidenhout, 30, (pictured).

Rapport newspaper told him that he didn’t want it to be called a mistake as no child wants to hear they were making mistakes.

Jana’s boyfriend threw Jana out of their house one evening. She had been sleeping at my house all night. You need to understand that I’ve been single twenty years now and that I’m just an imperfect man who makes mistakes.

He said Jana was now living on the same land as their son, Langebaan. It is about an hour away from Cape Town.

MailOnline made an incredible revelation last week about the bitter family feud that has beset one of the most wealthy families in the country.

Elon Musk branded Errol an ‘evil’ and ‘a horrible human being by calling him a Tesla Motors chief. He claimed that his father had done almost all the evil things one could imagine.

Jana Musk, Jana at Thirty-years-old, was described by Heidi-Mari Musk as her mother. She called him a “bad man” who had ‘ruined all the family’.

Jana (pictured) was only four years old at the time Errol married Jana, her mother, Heide. Jana (pictured) was just four years old at the time Errol married Heide, her mother.

Jana is shown here last summer with her mother Heide holding Elliot Musk, the baby son of her ex-husband. Asha Muak, Asha’s daughter with Errol sits next to them.

Jana (pictured, left) lived with Elon during her childhood. Errol met Heide after his second marriage. Heide was a widower and had three young children. Errol was her second husband, who died in a crash. Errol also helped to raise Jana, Harry, Jock junior and Harry.

“He caused me tremendous pain. He has brought shame upon his family. We are furious at the fact that he could make his stepchild pregnant. And he does it for the rest of the world.

She stated that she had tried to achieve peace in her heart but that he had now destroyed all of it.

Errol met Heide as his second wife. Heide was a widower who had three young kids when she met Errol. Errol was her second husband, who died in a crash. Errol also helped to raise Jana, Harry, Jock junior and Harry.

Errol already has three children, from his first union to his High School sweetheart Maye Hailman – Elon and his sister Tosca. Errol and Heide raised two daughters, Alexandra Ali’ Musk (and Asha Rose) Musk.

Errol is shown holding Elon as an infant. He said that he gave Elon’s two siblings a luxury lifestyle in Pretoria prior to Elon earning his first billion at the tender age of 30.

Elon Musk stands beside a rocket on March 19, 2004 in El Segundo, Los Angeles. He is worth 20 billion, and launched a Tesla Car into space. But he hasn’t spoken to his father for 18months.

Errol (pictured) recently admitted that his 30-year-old girlfriend Jana had given him his baby. He didn’t disclose that she is his stepdaughter.

Errol, when asked today about Heide’s criticism, said that it was strange that she had lashed against him. He added that she begged him to bring her back ‘every other month.

SpaceX founder Elon, 46 years old, became “berserk” after learning that Jana was his step-sister. Jana had lived with him as a child and is now his father.

The interview was a candid one by American Rolling Stone magazine. It included his thoughts on his father.

With tears welling up his eyes, he stated, “He was such terrible human being, that you have no idea,”

“My dad will have a well-thought out plan of evil. He will create evil. He’s been involved in almost every type of crime. He has done almost all the evil things you could think of. It’s just too horrible to believe.


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