A West Virginia woman was obsessed with witchcraft. She then shot her three step-children, as well as her other two children.

Oreanna Meeks, 25, killed herself after setting fire at the Greenbrier County property where the children’s remains were found.

Myers Instagram account, @glowing_goddess520 demonstrates that her mother was an active participant in rituals associated with witchcraft and spiritualism.

Oreanna Meeks, 25, took her own life and set fire to the Greenbrier County dwelling with the bodies. It was set ablaze December 8th by the bodies of the children.

Myers’s Instagram account at @glowing_goddess520 has lots to show that her mom was active in rituals related with spiritualism and witchcraft.

Myers posted a photograph on November 25, just three weeks after the murder.

Myers uploaded a photo of an insect jar.

“Made some insect jars. Is it a thing or an Oreanna something? LeXoxoxox her post.

Myers published a series of posts on Nov. 11, focusing on a “powerful manifestation”. He even included a photograph of the ritual that was done that night at 11.11pm.

She wrote the following: “Embracing The 11/11..11 ..,'”. magic.love.the Unknown.”

Myers published posts about a Nov. 11 powerful manifestation day.

She even shared a photograph from the ritual she did that evening at 11.11pm

Also, she shared a photo featuring a fairy figurine and wrote on Instagram: “Fairies and Flowers weren’t my magic thing.” “

Myers also posted some memes to the page. also included images of women touching their partners.

“Honestly. Let’s be silly. Do weird and mystical things. It’s short. F**k all who hate.

Myers also shared the photo of a fairy doll she owned and wrote: Fairies and Flowers. My magical thing.

Myers uploaded several memes that included images of women supporting and encouraging each other.

One meme reads “Honestly. Feel free to be outrageous. Explore strange and mystical topics. “Life is short. Reality lies.

Myers notes mention Myers’ ‘demons’ winning over Myers, although it is not clear if witchcraft was involved in Dec.8’s murder-suicides.

Raven Bumgarner, West Virginia was killed in the shooting deaths of her children, Shaun Dawson (aged 7), & Riley James (aged 6.

Raven Bumgarner (pictured), died tragically with her children Riley James (6-year olds) and Shaun Dawson (7-year olds), during a murder suicide committed by their stepmother on the 8th of December.

Oreanna (her ex-wife) shot them all before setting fire to and burning down their family home.

Greenbrier County authorities have not revealed any details regarding the shootings of last week. They explained that the depressed step mom’ had made an open confession to the crime using suicide notes.

Bumgarner spoke out about her emotions after losing her two sons to The Sun. She felt like her heart was being wrenched.

“How is that possible? They were well on their way to a good life. She did NOT write me an email. She was selfish and desired to hurt people.

“This was deliberate. And I can’t bring my boys back. Bumgarner declared that she had murdered her babies. Khari Bumgarner, is also three years old and comes from a previous union.

“It’s tough. It really is difficult.

Shaun Dawson (7-years-old) and Riley James (6-years old) were both killed by the tragic murder suicide of December 8.

The attackers killed five children: Shaun Dawson Bumgarner, Riley James Bumgarner, and Kian Mc (44) Aarikylenova Mers (33) Haiken JirachiMyers (11)

Following reports of a family fire, emergency responders were called Myers and their bodies were found.

Brian had 6 and 7 year-old Riley James, and 6 and 7 year old Shaun Dawson. He also had 6 and 6 year-old Riley James from his first marriage.

According to the local Sheriff Myers was upset because Brian Bumgarner was staying at home during her workweek, due transportation issues. She stated that she did not want to return to Myers.

Myers, her wife, exchanged text messages which indicated their disapproval over his absence.

According to a Sheriff, the situation got worse after Brian dropped off groceries at her house on December 6th.

Myers sent her husband a text saying, “No one should care, why should i?” “

Money may come and go, but once you’re gone there’s no going back. This is my mental well-being.

Raven shared 50-50 custody with Brian. Raven stated that Oreanna was something she had discussed briefly with her when she dropped her boys off at the stop.

Brian Bumgarner left, who was married to Oreanna Meyers right, was shot to death when she opened fire upon her three step-children at her Williamsburg house on December 8. Myers said that she was angry about her spouse’s spending time with family members.

Raven Bumgarner had Shaun and Riley. (pictured together with their younger sister ).

Raven stated she was looking ahead to her first Christmas at her new home with her three kids. But she now wants to explain her loss to her daughter.

Raven stated her belief that Raven wanted to give Brian everything.

She didn’t just kill his children. She also hurt everyone. “

Bruce Sloan from Greenbrier County said that the bodies had received shotgun injuries to their heads. Myers was discovered outside by a picnic.

Sloan described Myers’ location and revealed that Myers was wearing clothing over her face, including a jacket with a hood. MetroNews.com reported that Myers’ red line was from ear-to–ear.

Myers was about to take her two sons to school after picking them up at the bus stop.

One of her male friends asked if her skin was covered in blood. Myers responded that there was no blood.

Flynns Creek Road dispatch received an emergency call about a burning home just one hour after the incident. At 4 p.m. the fire department arrived to bring down the flames.

The two-bathroom, five-bedroom house was built in 1888. It cost $16,000 to build.

Myers’ corpse was found at the curb about 40 minutes after his death.

Raven shared the story, in which Brian’s cousin left Raven an email on the day of the tragedy. Raven was told not to panic, and she was sent a photo of the fire at the house.

Raven informed Brian that Brian was returning home, and she called him. Raven jumped in her vehicle and left Raven with a sitter.

“All of the time, I was expecting the five children to be outside. Many people were on the farm but couldn’t tell .

It was a simple matter of “Check, Check, Check the Barn”. As I waited for them [the boys] to come out from their woods,

But there was something else. There was a chimney filled with flames.

West Virginia witnessed a murder-suicide/arson on Sunday, 12/12.

It took Officials four days to locate and identify the body amongst the debris.

WVNS-TV reported that the house had been occupied by four children who were all found dead the following day. The corpse of the fifth child was discovered in the rubble only four days later.

Raven shared with us that she took hours to get confirmation that her twins had been killed.

Raven said Raven shot all five children in the head. Raven also set herself ablaze in her house, and she went outside to end her life.

They claimed that she had a single action shotgun.

Raven reported that Oreanna had written her apologies to her in these letters.

“But she did that five more times, wrote four of each letter, and this was not an accident. She had a plan.

Sloan stated that he had no idea if Oreanna was under treatment for any mental illness.

Myers had been writing notes on the spot of the murder-suicide as she set fire to her family’s house. She was complaining about the inability to get treatment for her mental illness.

Shaun & Riley (top, left) were Brian Bumgarner’s two sons. Raven is their only witness to their death.

Brian, Riley, Shaun and Shaun were in joint custody.

Riley and Shaun are shown with Khari, their younger sister.

This does not belong to anyone else. He wrote that she was sorry for her actions, but she wasn’t strong enough.

Myers texted husband the morning of the shootings. She said she had left something in the car with their children. Sloan told him that she found a letter from her husband with a bloody fingerprint right next to her initials.

Brian, my deepest regrets,” she wrote to the husband. ‘

Raven, pictured below, claimed that they have allowed her to return to the house where she and her husband left it.

Sheriff claims that the woman put three more money bills in a small, plastic bag and taped the contents to a side view camera of the family car.

Mental health can be dangerous.

A glass container with a clear crystal and a wrap adorned with a spiral pattern were also part of the vehicle.

Brian Bumgarner had been quiet in the month that followed the deaths of his children.

He posted the following status on Facebook after the murders: “I just needed my friends and family to know that I was sorry. Although it is impossible to reach all people, I feel like my friends and family could throw me off the cliff.

Myers wasn’t happy that Brian Bumgarner was staying at her relatives during the week because of logistic reasons. Myers text Bumgarner prior to the murders to warn him they would be returning home with a corpse.

Bumgarner reacted to this tragedy in a Facebook message two days after it happened

Ravan mentioned that she met Brian for the first time at thirteen. She also said that he was a childhood sweetheart. After meeting Brian, Ravan married him at 19.

Raven was introduced to Oreanna by Brian shortly after the 2016 divorce. Oreanna told Brian that Oreanna would make a wonderful mom.

Raven, who recently moved in with her three young children into a home she hoped to share, admitted that it was a difficult decision. I went back to school to do college online. I paid off the trailer. I purchased my car on my own. I purchased this house by myself.

The young mother grew up living in foster homes and stated that she wanted everything for her children.

“I was capable of leaving state care. I was saved by my boys. I was saved by them.

It expects them there in their rooms. They are not there. It’s like looking around trying to find the thieves who are raiding the fridge.

Raven mentioned that Raven’s youngest sister keeps asking Raven about her older brothers. She also shared that they both were in therapy.

The woman explained that she kept asking for their location the first couple of days, something she didn’t believe was possible.


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