A Youtube-to-mp3 conversion website allows you to download a song that has been uploaded on Youtube. However, this is a common practice and poses certain malware risks.

HTMLP3.cc lets you download audio and video files. However, it includes malicious ads as well as redirects that may lead to malware downloading to your device. That can lead to serious computer damage and compromise of files.

These risks can be managed. This article will show you how to remove the YTMP3 virus from your computer and how to protect your device against any unwanted applications.

  1. Download. Install Antivirus Software. We recommend Norton.
  2. Open the antivirus program and run a full computer scan.
  3. To get rid of YTMP3.cc on your computer, follow the instructions from your antivirus
  4. Deactivate pop-up notification and reset browser settings

What is the YTMP3.cc virus and how can it be prevented?

The YTMP3.cc does not contain a virus. It is a website, which allows you to convert and download audio or video files through a specific Youtube link.

It is important to point out that the website does not contain malicious code as per heuristic scans. It was found that the server where the website is hosted, contains malware.

This means that the website serves a lot of popup ads, push notifications, and redirects to. These can contain malware or potentially unwanted apps (PUA).

YTMP3.cc Pop-up Ads and Dangers

Although they can be irritating, pop-up advertisements are not malicious. You should be aware that the links may link to downloading and installing malware on your computer.

Malware can inflict all manner of damage on your device and files. Adware will display ads wherever and whenever it can.However, these ads could lead to the installation or other malicious software.

Ransomware can encrypt your files, demand payment, and spy on you. Your computer could also become a botnet, and your computer could be used to attack .

This is why it is so important to remove the YTMP3.cc viruses and use antivirus browser extension to block any malicious advertisements.

How to get rid YTMP3.cc from your computer

These are the steps to follow if your device is infected with adware and other viruses from YTMP3.cc.

Windows YTMP3.cc should be removed

You can delete YTMP3.cc on Windows by using anti-virus software.

  1. Get anti-virus software. We highly recommend Norton.
  2. Install your antivirus.
  3. Run a full PC scan.
  4. Use the guidelines provided by your antivirus.

You can also manually remove malicious programs.

  1. Open your Settings by clicking on the button ” start” in the lower left corner of your desktop. Type ” Settings” into the box.
  1. Select ” apps” from the settings menu.
  1. Locate the malicious program
  2. Choose the application and click uninstall.

Mac YTMP3.cc removed

You can get rid of the YTMP3.cc virus on Mac using antivirus software.

  1. Find an antivirus program. Antivirus is our favourite.
  2. Install the anti-virus.
  3. Run a full PC scan.
  4. Use the guidelines provided by your antivirus.

Or, you can manually remove YTMP3.cc viruses from your Mac .

  1. Open Locator.
  1. On the left click ” Apps”.
  1. Drag the adware application into the trash can .
  1. To uninstall the program, enter your password.

Reset browser settings

The virus could also have infected and altered your browser settings. It is a good idea to reinstall it or reset it . Continue reading to learn about how to remove YTMP3.cc adware.

How to delete YTMP3.cc adware

Adware can infect your device and your browser. It is in your best interest to reset your browser so that it remains at the default settings.

Here are simple guidelines to help you remove adware from.

  • Google Chrome
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Firefox
  • Safari

Google Chrome – Remove YTMP3.cc

Here’s how you can reset Google Chrome browser settings and get rid of YTMP3.cc

  1. Click on the three links at the top of the Chrome window.
  2. Click ” Settings”.
  1. Scroll to the bottom of the window and click “HTMODE_ Advanced “.
  2. Click ” Clean up”
  1. Click ” to restore their default settings”
  1. Click ” to reset settings

Firefox: Remove YTMP3.cc

Here are some steps to reset browser settings for Firefox, and how to remove YTMP3.cc

  1. Click the button with the three lines (“”) at the top of the Firefox window
  2. Click on ” Options”.
  1. Click on ” “.
  1. Click on “Restore defaults”. If it does not have such a button, it indicates that it has default settings.

Microsoft Edge – Remove YTMP3.cc

  1. Click on The three dots in the top-right corner.
  2. Click on ” Options”.
  1. Go to Reset settings
  1. Choose the ” Setup to restore default values” option.
  1. Click the “Reset” button in the popup message.

Safari: YTMP3.cc removed

  1. To open the spotlight, press Command + Space. Type in ” terminal”. Click enter.
  1. Enter the commands below in the Terminal. Enter each command after you have copied it into the terminal.

Android: Disable YTMP3.cc Browser Notifications

You can disable browser notifications on Android devices that have been infected with YTMP3.cc. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Launch the Chrome app
  2. Tap on The three dots are located at the top of the screen.
  3. Select settings
  1. Scroll down to notification
  2. Scroll down to Site Section.
  1. Disable All site notifications or locate the entry on YTMP3.cc to disable notifications for this site only.

How to prevent installation of potentially unwanted programs?

Security tip

Antivirus software is the best tool to protect your computer against the YTMP3.cc virus.

Get Norton Antivirus

After you’ve removed all malicious programs from your computer, this is a great final step to protect your device and yourself. These are the steps that you can take to stop installing potentially unwanted apps .

  • Get an antivirus for your browser and for your device.
  • Check the validity of any apps you download. During installation, check if any additional software has been installed. This will allow the app to run. Do not install the app if it isn’t.
  • Only use official sources to download and install applications.

Final thoughts

Although it may not seem like a dangerous activity to use the YTMP3 convertor to download audio and videos from Youtube, it is obvious that this is not the case.

The YTMP3.cc site is full of push notifications and pop-up ads . These contain malicious links and frequently redirect to sites that could lead you to malware.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that it is over. An antivirus can help you eliminate malware infections and reset your browser settings. There are ways to prevent similar situations from happening in the future.


Is YTMP3.cc a safe site?

No. YTMP3.cc cannot be used. Pop-up ads, push notification, and redirects can cause malware to be installed on your device. You can fix the problem by installing a trusted antivirus such as Antivirus.

Are Youtube to MP3 websites legal?

Youtube to MP3 websites are legal so long as you don’t download or distribute copyrighted content or use them for commercial purposes. It may still be against Youtube’s Terms of Service but downloading non-copyrighted material for personal use does not make it illegal.


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