“Hades”, a roguelike action RPG, dungeon crawler, was developed by Supergiant Games (an indie game developer), and released for PC via steam and Nintendo Switch.

You can now get the real ending with “Hades” version 1.0.

Supergiant Releases All ‘Hades’

Although the game was originally launched as an early access release in December 2018, long-time gamers quickly forgot that it wasn’t fully released until September this year, when the developers made the official 1.0 release.

The Gamer states that the only difference between early access and full game is the addition or deletion of the true ending. This signifies that there are many endings players can choose from.

What is the best ending? And how can “Hades’ players achieve it?

The Final Boss

There isn’t much difference between the early access and final games, so Hades, Zagreus’ father, will be the final boss. After all, Zagreus has fought his own way out of Underworld and it makes sense that he should fight his father as his final opponent.

In the first access, Zagreus will be killed and sent to Hades, where he can start his journey again. This even if you win.

This is not true in the “Hades 1.0” release.

After winning, Zagreus will be able to climb out of Underworld and enter a new region: Greece.

You can’t do much in Greece other than fish and talk to Persephone, Zagreus’ own mother.

Here’s the tricky part.

How to reach the true ending

Persephone will inform Zagreus, during your conversation, that he is bound into the Underworld just like his father Hades. Also, that he can’t remain in the realms of the living, so the main hero will be sent back to the place he started.

The King of the Underworld will place a Pact of Punishment at the window the hero uses for escape. This would add modifiers to every level to make them more difficult, according to ScreenRant.

It does however reset the bounties to defeat the bosses.

To reach the true ending of “Hades”, you must defeat Hades repeatedly.

Talk to Persephone once more to defeat Hades to reach Greece. She will then have a new dialogue. You must exhaust all her dialogues by defeating Hades a total of ten times.

It can be exhausting. But, after the tenth run, Hades will let Zagreus go. Persephone will then say that it is time to return to the Underworld.

The goddess Zagreus and Charon take a ride with the goddess to the House of Hades via Charon’s boat. They travel through the Underworld realms and Eurydice sings “In the Blood” while the credits roll.

The Epilogue: Unlocking its Secrets

While some may feel it’s impossible, others believe they should. However, there is still plenty of content available after the game, including the Epilogue.

ShackNews states that the requirements to unlock the Epilogue are a bit fuzzy. However, players must reach the true ending, then continue playing the game and beating it multiple times until they get to a Heat Level 8.

You should also be looking for an exclamation mark on Persephone’s top. This will allow you to interact with her for a new mission dialog, which unlocks many of the “Hades” Epilogues.

It is believed that Persephone can be triggered by having high affinity with the Olympians.



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