Apple personnel are not going to be returning to company workplaces in February as deliberate because of the ongoing unfold of COVID-19 and the newly rising omicron variant, Apple CEO Tim Cook stated in a memo despatched out today.

Back in November, Apple despatched out a letter telling personnel that Apple might count on them to begin returning to the workplace on February 1, however that go back date has now been driven returned indefinitely.

BREAKING: Tim Cook simply despatched out an e mail delaying Apple’s go back to paintings to a date “but to be determined.” He additionally stated the enterprise is giving each company employee $1,000 to spend on domestic workplace equipment. — Zoë Schiffer (@ZoeSchiffer) December 15, 2021

There isn’t anyt any phrase on whilst personnel may be predicted to move returned to paintings, and for now, individuals who are capable of achieve this will keep to paintings from domestic.

The put off may be welcome information to Apple personnel who’ve been dreading the go back to company workplaces, however Apple does plan to have personnel come returned at a few point. Cook stated that the go back date is “but to be determined” at this time.

Apple executives have made it clean considering the start of the pandemic that personnel will ultimately want to go back paintings. “Video convention calling has narrowed the space among us, to be sure, however there are matters it sincerely can not replicate,” Cook stated returned in June.

When it’s miles secure for personnel to go back to the workplace, Apple is making plans for a hybrid paintings schedule. Employees may be predicted to be withinside the workplace 3 days a week, however could have the choice of running from domestic for 2 days a week. Apple additionally plans to permit personnel to paintings remotely for up to at least one month in line with year, giving them greater time to journey and be toward cherished ones.

Because personnel will want to keep to paintings from domestic, Cook stated that Apple is giving each company employee $1,000 to spend on domestic workplace equipment.


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