There are multiple locations to your Mac wherein your call – or a few different call – may appear: the account call and Home folder. The call that looks is primarily based totally at the Full Name you gave whilst you (or the administrator) first installation the account.

But what in case you need to alternate your username because it seems in those locations? It’s viable which you have considering married and still have a brand new call (otherwise you simply divorced). Maybe IT misspelt your call after they installation your Mac. Perhaps your preliminary and surname spell some thing offensive, or it is probably time to alternate what changed into as soon as an fun username for some thing greater formal. Maybe your cutting-edge brief call isn’t truly brief and is a ache to kind whenever you’re induced in your username. Perhaps you’ve were given  or greater Macs and also you need to apply the identical brief username on all of them. Or perhaps you inherited a Mac and could opt to simply alternate the call of the prevailing account instead of create a brand new one.

Luckily, considering Mac OS X Leopard released in 2007, Apple has made it moderately easy to alternate the quick username and Home folder call from inside System Preferences. Prior to Leopard, converting your brief username changed into a complicated, unstable procedure.

There are nevertheless some obstacles though:

The Short Name and Home folder call need to match – so in case you have been hoping to present your Home listing a comedy call, however eager the quick call as some thing greater formal, you’re out of luck.

Despite what we stated approximately it being a much less unstable procedure, it’s far the form of alternate that might bring about records loss in case you do some thing wrong. So ensure you returned up first!

You can’t alternate the call of an account whilst logged into the account you’re converting. So you may additionally want to log in to a different (administrator) account to do this – you could want to create that first.

If you want to create a brand new administrator account comply with those steps:

Open System Preferences > Users & Groups.

Click the lock icon and input your password.

Click at the + sign.

Change New Account to Administrator.

Give the account a call and password.

Click Create User.

installation admin account

If you’ve got got forgotten your password read: How to get better a forgotten Mac password.

Alternatively you may make an current account an administrator.

Open the Users & Groups desire pane.

Click the lock icon on the lower-left nook and authenticate yourself.

Select the account withinside the listing at left.

Check the box “Allow the consumer to manage this laptop.”

macOS notes that you need to restart your Mac for that to take effect; do so.

How to alternate Mac username

Now which you have installation this opportunity administrator account it’s easy to alternate the consumer call in your account. But you may see a quite stark caution that converting the settings may harm the account and save you you from logging in, so do be cautious!

mac911 superior alternatives users

Advanced Options for a consumer account helps you to alternate the account’s show call (Full call) and course to the consumer’s listing.

The first aspect to do is log off of your account and into this new administrator account:

Click at the Apple brand and pick out Log out [your name]

Then input the brand new admin account call and password.

Now you’re prepared to alternate the username of your traditional account. Follow those steps to alternate the username:

Open System Preferences.

Click on Users & Groups.

Click unencumber and input your password (for the admin account you’re using).

Now Control-click on or right-click on the consumer which you need to rename.

Choose Advanced Options. Advanced Options consumer

Change the call withinside the complete call field.

Restart the laptop for the adjustments to take effect.

How to alternate consumer call Mac


This will best alternate the username – now no longer the Home listing call, or your Short Name. And, because the caution states, it can harm the account and save you you from logging in!

We did it with none problems, despite the fact that there have been some hair-elevating seconds whilst the login system took barely longer than traditional.

How to alternate Home folder call and Account call

Changing your Home folder call (and your account call, that is linked – and as you may see withinside the photograph above, grayed out) is greater complicated.

As earlier than you need to be logged out of the account so one can alternate it. So in case you aren’t already withinside the separate admin account log into that.



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