Youtuber Dream has finally unveiled his Dream face reveal, and it has taken the internet by storm. The video was posted on October 2 and has garnered millions of views. Dream had previously been using a facemask to hide his face in videos. However, after dropping the mask in the new video, his face is completely revealed.

Clay Dream

The recent reveal of Clay Dream’s face on Youtube has sparked a huge debate among his millions of subscribers. Many fans were upset by the revelation, but many others were more than happy to see the real man behind the mask. While Dream’s fans generally supported the reveal, others found the whole thing to be arbitrary and based on a false expectation.

The face reveal is the first time Dream has shown his real face to his fans. The five-minute video titled “hi, I’m Dream” has been viewed more than 15 million times. At one point, more than 1.5 million people were watching the video live. The reaction was so positive that some dubbed the video “YouTube history.” Other YouTubers hailed it as the end of an era.

Minecraft YouTuber Dream

Recently, Minecraft YouTuber Dream revealed his face to fans in a video. The popular content creator has been posting videos on the YouTube gaming platform for eight years. However, the majority of his videos have remained faceless. In his videos, Dream wears a smiling mask. Fans have responded with praise and support.

Dream’s anonymity has been appealing to online viewers, who have been loyal to his content. However, the huge following that Dream has gained online has led to some controversy. For example, Dream was accused of cheating during one video, but later said that it was not intentional. Although his appearance is unremarkable, Dream has become a target of rumors and speculation.

The YouTuber has had a reputation for being anonymous for years, and he has amassed more than 30 million subscribers. Despite his massive audience, he has only revealed his face once, back in October. Before that, he had posed with a smiley face mask. His video has more than 27 million views, and many have commented on his new look and the resulting controversies.

His “smiley face”

YouTuber Dream is a Minecraft gamer who has gained a loyal following of over 30 million subscribers. He’s known for his unique and fun Minecraft content, but he has also been hiding his face for a long time. His recent reveal video has gone viral and attracted a lot of attention. Dream has been streaming his gameplay videos anonymously on YouTube for the last eight years, but he only revealed his face in a recent video, which quickly became a top trending topic on YouTube.

After several years of keeping his face a secret, Dream decided to show his face to the world for the first time in a five-minute video titled “hi, I’m Dream.” It was a huge surprise to fans, with over 1.5 million people watching the video live. While many questioned whether Dream was revealing his real face to his fans, he said he did so because he wanted to interact with his fans and make new friends.


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