Homeowners are satisfied that they have to take care of and maintain the swimming pool only during the spring, summer, and a few days of autumn. They think they don’t have to care for the pool during winter. But their responsibility doesn’t end because pool maintenance service in Hoschton emphasizes proper winter care.

Pool Maintenance Service in Hoschton Suggest Winter Caring Tips

Although maintenance during winter doesn’t have many steps, they must be followed strictly. The main reason for the companies to focus on winter care tips is that when the swimming pool is opened, there will be less cleaning and maintenance.

Don’t Forget to Add Algaecide

The timing for adding the algaecide is important for full effectiveness. It would help if you remembered to add the algaecide on the last day and run the pump all the time. Shut the pump to prevent algae development.

Avoid Freezing by System Inspection

The first thing to prevent the equipment from freezing is to check if the water is gathering near the system. This can happen if the swimming pool structure and pipes for cracks and damage to the pump, filter, and heater.

Hire Swimming Pool Closing Service

Many people don’t consider closing the pool because they don’t want to undergo the effort of opening it again. But the individuals who hired the pool cleaning closing service; reported that the swimming pool structure remained safe during the winter.

Adding Chlorine is Beneficial in Spring

The companies providing pool cleaning in Hoschton have suggested adding chlorine to the water before finally covering it. An important point to consider here is not to add more than the recommended amount because it can turn the walls and floor white.

The Swimming Pool Cover is Fitting Properly

Homeowners must ensure that the swimming pool is covered and the cover is fitted perfectly. If the cover becomes fuzzy and loose, tighten it up or buy a new cover that fits the swimming pool. You will be able to know this with regular inspection.

Regular Cleaning of the Pool Cover

It is also important for homeowners to keep the swimming pool cover always clean. Constant debris buildup will lower the cover, and it might touch the water surface. This can damage the cover. So, pool maintenance companies like Clear Tec Pools have regularly been recommended to clean the cover.

Check the Water Level

Another important tip that will help with winter maintenance is to check the water level. This has to be done after rain and snowfall. Homeowners should keep the water level low to prevent overflow because removing the water from the deck can be difficult.

Hire Pool Cleaning in Hoschton Before Closing

Clients have to hire pool cleaning services before properly closing. A clean pool will gather less debris, and the level of damage will also be less. So, hiring cleaning services should be at the top of the list.

Add Enzyme Products to Prevent Contamination

Many individuals think chlorine is the only chemical to add to the water for the winter. But it is also vital to add enzyme products to dissolve the contamination, making filtering the water easy. These products are effective for break-down items like animals’ and birds’ droppings, pollen, and many more.

Keep pool Equipment Dry

When you constantly check the equipment, you might notice water gathered under and around the pump, filter, and pipes. It would help if you kept the equipment dry by draining the water and not allowing them to freeze.

Place Air Pillows Under the Cover

Placing air pillows between the cover and the water surface prevents the cover from touching the water. The debris will slide to the side, keeping the cover clean. You might have installed a waterproof cover, but it might not stop waste from damaging, so air pillows will be effective.

Hire Pool Opening Service at the Earliest

Clients shouldn’t delay the swimming pool opening as they wait for warmer weather. This will increase the possibility of the development of algae and molds. The best time recommended by companies providing a pool maintenance service in Hoschton is during the early days of spring.

Clients must know these important tips when caring for the winter swimming pool.

Here are three questions that will explain swimming pool maintenance in winter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I add shock to pool in winter?

It has been highly recommended by companies providing a pool maintenance service in Hoschton to shock the water in winter. The reason is that it will prevent algae and mold from developing during the spring.

Is it OK to turn the pool pump off while on vacation?

Some pool pumps have an automated system that can turn on and off when you have set the time. This system also brings advantages during the winter because the swimming pool is not used in this season. So, the pump has to be used less often.

What kills algae in pool naturally?

Backing soda has been known to affect small traces of algae in the pool. An important point to note here is that baking soda will be effective if the algae are in their initial development stage. The baking soda will be less effective on fully developed algae.

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