Apple gadgets include a variety of ports into that you plug accessories, chargers and different outside gadgets. But, with era continuously converting and bringing new hardware answers to antique problems, how will you hold up with the modern-day openings in your iPhone, iPad or Mac?

From Thunderbolt and Lightning to USB-C, SDXC and HDMI, here’s our brief reference manual to what every port in your Apple product is known as and the way it is able to be used.

The Lightning port

What is the Lightning port?

The Lightning port is the small square oval port, located withinside the centre of the lowest fringe of your iPhone, non-Pro iPad, and iPod Touch.

What does the Lightning port do?

When Apple released the iPhone five and the 4th-era iPad it changed the traditional 30-pin connector that had featured on all of the preceding fashions with the brand new Lightning era. As properly as being plenty smaller (and consequently permitting greater room for era internal even smaller gadgets) those new connectors had been completely virtual and may be inserted both manner up. It stays the principle port located on iPhones and maximum iPads today.

The Lightning port is broadly speaking hired for charging iOS gadgets, however also can bring information to and from related Macs or PCs. Lightning cables also are capable of energy related gadgets – extremely good for song interfaces on iPads. One famous use on iPhone, because of the dearth of a 3.5mm headphone jack (see below), is to plug an adapter into the Lightning port, consequently permitting stressed out headphones to be related as soon as greater.

Which gadgets is the Lightning port on?

All modern-day variations of iPhones, non-Pro iPads, and iPod Touch. Older iPad Pros additionally featured Lightning ports, however the creation of the iPad Pro 11in (2018) and iPad Pro 12.9in (2018) fashions noticed a transfer to USB-C which we cowl below.

The headphone/mic port

What does the headphone/mic port appearance like?

A small round port located at the pinnacle or backside of sure iPads, iPod Touch, and older iPhones, in addition to on the perimeters of MacBooks.

What does the headphone/mic port do?

One of the greater self explanatory ports in your device, this 3.5mm aperture permits you to plug to your headphones or earbuds while you need to break out the noise and distraction of the arena at large. They additionally have the cappotential to hold indicators from a microphone, that’s how you’re capable of talk with Siri whilst the use of the Apple EarPods or different headsets that include a microphone.

What gadgets have a headphone/mic port?

It wasn’t lengthy in the past that quite plenty all Apple gadgets got here with the headphone jack as standard. Apple then famously selected to cast off the port from its iPhone 7 and all next fashions (with the short exception of the iPhone SE). This ‘courage’ has but to make its manner to the MacBook range, however the cutting-edge iPad Pros (2018 and onwards) have now additionally ditched the beneficial 3.5mm port.


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