This article explains how you may carry out a traceroute to your Mac. You can also additionally use traceroute to diagnose community routing issues (e.g., connectivity troubles) and different associated troubles due to the fact it’s miles a a community diagnostic tool.

There are approaches to do this:


  1. Via the Terminal app
  2. Via the Network Utility app

To run traceroute on a Mac the use of the Terminal app

1-Launch the Terminal app. To open the Terminal app, you may:

Go to Finder > Applications > Utilities > Terminal. Or alternatively,

You can also additionally open it the use of Spotlight, open highlight and seek Terminal.

Utilities > Terminal

2-Type the subsequent command and press Enter

traceroute hostname

In this command, hostname is the call of the server connection you’re testing, like This will be a site call or an IP address. For example, if we need to locate the traceroute end result for macreports, right here is the command you want to go into:

As you may see above, you do now no longer want to go into the “https://” or “www.” phase of the website’s address.

3-It can also additionally absorb to 3 mins in your Mac to finish the process. Your Mac will generate a listing of connections among your pc and its destination.

If you see * signs, that means “Request Timed Out”. Just wait. Then you could evaluation the results.

To run traceroute on a Mac the use of the Network Utility app

You might also use the Network Utility app. Here is how:

1-Open the Network Utility app

You can locate Network Utility in /System/Library/CoreServices/Applications. Or alternatively:

You can use Spotlight to open it.

2-Click the Traceroute tab.

Network Utility

3-Your your area or IP number, like and click on Trace.

Mac OS Traceroute

4-And evaluation the results.


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