The Apple Watch arguably stays the first-class smartwatch to be had for smartphones, no matter whether or not you operate iOS or Android. While the Series 7 has been visible as a instead lackluster update, it’s nevertheless a brilliant desire for anyone who isn’t upgrading from the Series 6.

With the Series 7, Apple in the end made the display screen a piece bigger, that’s first-rate for individuals who like customizing their watch faces. And with the capacity to apply the Photos watch face, you may even set wallpaper on Apple Watch with out the usage of one of the default alternatives.

How to Set Wallpaper on Apple Watch

Create An Album For Wallpapers

Before you may set wallpaper on Apple Watch, you’ll first need to create a separate album withinside the Photos app. This is because, with the Apple Watch, the Photos Watch Face pulls pics from the accompanying app. Here’s the way to create an Album in Photos:


  1. Open the Photos app to your iPhone.
  2. Tab Albums withinside the backside toolbar.
  3. In the pinnacle proper corner, faucet the + icon.
  4. From the drop-down menu, faucet New Album.
  5. Enter a call to your Album and faucet Save.
  6. Go via your pics, and pick those to feature to the Album.
  7. Tap Done withinside the pinnacle proper corner.

Set Wallpaper on Apple Watch

Now which you have created an album for the Apple Watch to drag pics from, you may now set wallpaper on Apple Watch. Here’s how you may achieve this proper out of your iPhone:


  1. Open the Watch app to your iPhone.
  2. In the lowest toolbar, faucet Face Gallery.
  3. Scroll down till you attain the Photos segment.
  4. Tap on Photos.

From there, you’ll be supplied with some specific alternatives that can help you personalize the watch face a piece. The Color segment, provides a colour overlay to the photograph this is being used, and in case you scroll all of the manner to the end, you may upload a colour of your own.

Then, we’ve got the Content segment that’s created from numerous specific alternatives:


  • Album: This shows photographs from the album of your desire.
  • Photos: Choose as much as 24 photographs.
  • Dynamic: This shows photographs out of your current Memories and updates if you have new ones.

Simply pick one of these choices, after which scroll in addition down withinside the Watch app. At the lowest of the page, you may pick out the Time Position (both pinnacle or backside), after which specific complications. By default, the watch face suggests Today’s Date and Your Schedule, however those may be eliminated or modified relying to your needs.

After you’ve got got custom designed the wallpaper and the way the watch face will look, scroll again as much as the pinnacle of the page. Then, faucet the Add button beneathneath the Photos watch face title. This provides the Photos watch face to the carousel discovered below My Faces withinside the My Watch tab.

Here’s the way to alternate the watch face to the Photos option:


  1. Tap the My Watch button withinside the backside toolbar.
  2. At the pinnacle of the page, faucet Edit subsequent to My Faces.
  3. Press and preserve directly to the 3 vertical strains subsequent to Photos.
  4. Drag Photos to the pinnacle of the list.
  5. Tap Done.
  6. Set Wallpaper on Apple Watch Photos Watch Face

Now, you’ll be supplied with any of the specific photographs discovered withinside the album created in advance withinside the process. Whenever you boost your wrist, the wallpaper will alternate to some thing specific, preserving your watch face searching sparkling and permitting you to reveal off or bear in mind a number of the ones unique moments.


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