So you simply scored an terrific deal on a brand new set of Apple AirPods, however did it appear too precise to be true? Maybe the fee changed into too low to byskip up, or the vendor took a bit too lengthy to ship. Did you purchase actual AirPods, or have you ever been bought an imposter?

If you observed that your AirPods might not be legit, there are some approaches to test whether or not they’re a true Apple product or now no longer. This can range barely primarily based totally at the version of AirPods, however with those tips, you must be capable of discern out whether or not you’ve were given the actual deal.

Check the Box

Apple is meticulous approximately its packaging, so in case you nonetheless have the container your AirPods got here in, test right here first. The container might also additionally appearance valid at the start glance, however there are some regions to test.

The container itself must match pretty snug. If the internal container and its lid come aside very without difficulty or don’t line up correctly, that is a signal that some thing can be amiss.

The lettering used for the AirPods call and the Apple brand at the container are any other place to test. If those are reflective and now no longer flat gray, for example, you’ll be managing a counterfeit.

Check Your Case

The maximum apparent factor to test in your charging case is the port at the lowest. On legitimate Apple AirPods, this could be a Lightning port, however faux fashions will on occasion have a USB-C port at the lowest instead.

You’ll additionally need to make certain that the charging case has the repute LED at the the front and snaps close magnetically. If your case doesn’t have both of those features, that’s a awful signal.

Closely Inspect Your AirPods

For a few reason, the very ends of the AirPods appear to be hard for counterfeit producers to match. On the authentic AirPods, the lowest must be an oval-formed vent. If that is circular, it’s probable counterfeit.

This varies from version to mode. The AirPods Pro, for example, don’t have any vent at the lowest. Check your particular version towards legitimate Apple photos of the equal product to make certain the whole lot fits up.

Check the Serial Number

The maximum definitive approach of ensuring your AirPods are the real object is checking the serial quantity with Apple. If the organization has in no way heard of the serial quantity, you’ve possibly were given a faux.

To test, open the lid of your AirPods case and appearance on the bottom of the lid. It’s at the segment this is closest to the charging repute LED while the case is closed.

You also can test on the bottom of the proper earbud, despite the fact that the sort is smaller, and it’s greater hard to peer right here.

Once you’ve observed your quantity, head to and input the serial quantity.

What If You’ve Got a Knock Off?

If you’ve decided your AirPods aren’t a valid Apple product, what do you do now? This normally relies upon on wherein you obtain the illegitimate AirPods from.

Was your buy from an Amazon seller? In many cases, you may go back your product for a complete refund so long as it’s far undamaged, and you’re now no longer out of doors the go back window. Other shops like eBay provide a few consumer protection, however it varies on many factors.

If you may’t get a refund, you’re possibly out of luck. That said, in case you’re studying this earlier than shopping for a suspicious set of AirPods, with a bit of luck you already know sufficient to make certain you’re getting what you pay for.

On the alternative hand, in case your AirPods are, in fact, true, however you’re having hassle with them, use our manual to troubleshoot your issues.


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