It could be a touch peculiar to check a product that has been round for a hundred and ten years, so we won’t. I even have noticed, though, that each time I forestall and communicate to different cyclists, they nearly constantly ask approximately my Brooks Saddle, in particular the few-months-antique B17 I even have on my fixed-tools motormotorcycle (my different city-motormotorcycle got here with a twenty-some thing yr antique Brooks already attached). These English Bicycle saddles, handcrafted via way of means of the recently-impartial company (it changed into owned via way of means of Raleigh Bikes when you consider that 1962) are each feared and respected because of the excessive fee tag and the antiquefaculty style. So as opposed to a review, I’ll solution the questions that arise most usually approximately those mythical motormotorcycle seats.

How plenty is it?

Expensive, if measured in cash alone, and dirt-reasonably-priced if measured in value. My primary B-17, the springless leather-based and metallic flagship model, is indexed at $one hundred twenty withinside the US, and that’s the reasonably-priced one. It is, however, the handiest seat you’ll ever want to buy. If seemed after, it need to closing longer than you, which makes it plenty extra of a good buy than dropping $30 a yr on a few reasonably-priced plastic junk.

How lengthy does it take to interrupt in?

It depends. This precise B17 is the “standard”, and consequently has the toughest leather-based (there are pre-elderly variations however the remedy makes the leather-based weaker). For me, it changed into cushty from the instant I installed it, even though it took some weeks of tough using to get the element to begin converting shape. The ‘take a seat down bones’ sooner or later make depressions withinside the seat, retaining your butt in area and making the seat experience softer, although it isn’t.

Others document breaking-during periods of numerous hundred miles, and there may be a magic lotion to be had from Brooks which may be carried out to assist melt the leather-based quicker. But don’t bother. The seats, even those with out springs, are relaxed from day one.

It’s very tough. Is it cushty?

Surprisingly, it’s far cushty due to the fact it’s so tough. Instead of filling all of your crevices with gel pads, which efficiently deliver many extra factors of friction and purpose saddle sores, the Brooks saddles are efficiently a totally stiff hammock hung from every cease. This gives a degree of surprise absorbance, and as your rear-cease without a doubt handiest presses at the 2 strain factors for your take a seat down bones (wherein the pelvis touches the saddle), there may be no rubbing. The bright surface, too, facilitates forestall chafing or even heavy cotton denims have moisture wicked-away fast via way of means of the leather-based.

In short, it would appearance uncomfortable, however it’s far in truth the maximum cushty form of seat you may buy. Don’t agree with me? Here’s what Sheldon Brown needed to say:

Why is it pointed up on the front?

Because you take a seat down at the returned, huge a part of the seat, and that segment is at an attitude to the nostril, you want to tilt the seat returned a touch farther than usual. If not, you’ll slide ahead onto the nostril and positioned strain onto the smooth tissues of what my brother calls the “biffing skin”. Tipping it up makes the rear segment flat sufficient to take a seat down on comfortably.

Did that (saddlebag) include it?

No, and it fee another $100. It’s an highly-priced D-Shaped Tool Bag, however just like the seat, I assume it to closing forever. That and it appears correct and holds my toolkit with out reminding me it’s far there via way of means of swinging round beneathneath the saddle.

Aren’t there different manufacturers which are simply as correct?

Perhaps. Once upon a time, all motormotorcycle seats seemed like this, however these days Brooks is ready the handiest logo that is straightforward to locate new in quite plenty any motormotorcycle shop.

Anything else? I’m certain a number of you operate Brooks saddles, and love them or hate them. And I recognise for positive that our bike owner readers are our maximum vocal readers. Let us recognise what you think.


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