IT’S HARD NOT to consider Uber as a goliath. The telephone taxi organisation is working in 50 countries, and it is raised nearly $three billion in investment to date. It’s frequently doing matters that human beings locate unlikeable. And then there may be Lyft, which hasn’t but accelerated out of doors of the U.S., and has raised simply $three hundred million, a relatively modest sum. Lyft is the underdog. Lyft is David. Thing is, it is difficult to paintings a slingshot while you‘re carrying a colossal crimson mustache.

The outsized facial hair has been a defining a part of Lyft’s logo from the begin. Strapped to the the front of drivers’ cars, the hairy crimson mustache quick have become a ubiquitous sight on San Francisco streets after the organisation‘s founding in 2012. Lyft favored it as it changed into whimsical and irreverent. Most critical, says Lyft President John Zimmer, it made human beings smile. Today, however, Zimmer admits the ‘stache isn’t always for everyone. “It changed into this massive massive fuzzy factor,” he says. “If you had been going to an critical commercial enterprise meeting, it won’t be the high-quality manner to roll up.”

That’s why Lyft constructed the “glowstache.” Think of it as mustache 2.0. It’s a small, plastic mustache, approximately the scale of a banana, designed to flow on Lyft drivers’ dashboards the usage of magnets. At night, it emits a mild crimson glow. It’s supposed to update the acquainted fuzzy ‘staches and develop up the organisation‘s image; Lyft will begin sending them out to drivers this month. The glowstache is a touch much less cute, a touch greater cool. Still friendly, nonetheless fun—simply now no longer overbearingly so.

The Origin of the Carstache

The authentic hairy mustache, dubbed the “carstache,” dates lower back to 2010, years earlier than Lyft got here into existence. It changed into invented via way of means of Ethan Eyler. At first, it changed into quite a whole lot simply Eyler riding round San Francisco with one on his automobile. A tweet from Khloe Kardashian helped generate a few buzz. Around then, John Zimmer were given in contact with Eyler and installed an order for a few twenty of the mustaches—he concept that they had make for correct gag presents for traders of his ride-sharing startup, Zimride. Later, while Zimride converted into Lyft, Zimmer had the concept to position a mustache at the the front of each automobile. Soon after, Eyler joined Lyft as logo manager.

Today, the mission of refining Lyft’s signature whimsy falls in large part to Jesse McMillin, the organisation‘s new innovative director, who joined ultimate summer time season after a a success stint at Virgin America. From the begin, McMillin knew the mustache its authentic hairy shape changed into polarizing. “People had been both like, ‘I love it,’ or ‘I by no means need to get in a automobile like that,'” he explains. McMillin tells me this in a room interior Lyft’s San Francisco workplace that would function a carstache museum. Every floor is blanketed with prototype mustaches. There are experimental mustaches made from astroturf, and mustaches that jiggle unseemingly while you poke them. There’s a case with a gaggle of rubber mustaches in all specific sun sunglasses of crimson. One of them is clearly brilliant red, corresponding to not anything a lot as Gene Simmons’ disembodied tongue.

When McMillin got here on board ultimate year, Lyft changed into already withinside the system of rethinking its iconic mustache. Eyler and co. had tapped Ammunition, the layout studio in the back of Beats via way of means of Dre, to assist generate a few clean ideas. Lyft desired some thing enduring and iconic—a type of twenty first Century replace of the taxi mild.

Ammunition’s designers got here up with all varieties of concepts. There had been hood embellishes and laser-mild window decals. They even taken into consideration ditching the mustache altogether. Eventually, the organization settled at the understated route for the brand new accessory. “When you spot it now, you possibly assume it appears obvious. But it is clearly hard from a layout perspective.” says Robert Brunner, Ammunition’s founder. “Trying to productize an identification—turning any identification into an item that has feature isn’t an smooth factor to do. And in a manner, we had been maturing the icon, however we failed to need to mature it. So that is actual tricky.”

Symbolically, the glowstache is supposed to mirror a greater mature Lyft. Zimmer says it isgreater modern, greater clean, and additionally greater suitable for everyone.” As McMillin places it, it is greater up to the mark with how the Lyft sees itself today—as a pioneering tech organisation, one able to constructing state-of-the-art merchandise like Lyft Line, which elegantly and routinely coordinates shared rides amongst separate users.

Zimmer is adamant that Lyft isn’t always leaving its roots in the back of. To him, the organisation‘s nonetheless approximately community—and making human beings smile. The new company image is, after all, nonetheless a brilliant crimson mustache, he factors out. But Zimmer does wish the glowstache can assist nudge Lyft’s logo in the direction of greater aspirational territory, mentioning McMillin’s former employer, Virgin America, as inspiration. Zimmer admires the information that set Virgin other than different airlines, just like the soothing lighting fixtures and leather-based seats. But he is additionally drawn to the clientele: hipsters and commercial enterprise human beings sitting facet via way of means of facet.


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