YOU CAN GET a exquisite set of over-the ear headphones for $one hundred or less — select out up Grado’s SR60i or Shure’s SRH440, and you would want a eager ear and a petrified ass to muster any sonic gripes. So spending 3 instances that a good deal could appear downright stupid.

That said, we endorse you pass food for a pair weeks and divert the cash you could‘ve spent consuming on a couple of Bowers & Wilkins P5s.

These are the primary headphones Bowers & Wilkins has ever sold, and it is clean from the instant you put off them from their suede-lined, quilted-nylon pouch that England’s audio alchemists are inquisitive about sending a message: “We aren’t screwing around.”

Though the cans are built in particular of metallic and leather, they may be created from one hundredpercentage interest to detail. These are virtually the best-made headphones you’ve got ever seen. From the memory-foam-padded, sheepskin-swaddled earcups to a diffused biomimetic cant that inspires the location of ears on a head, proof of cautious attention is the front and center.

Bowers & Wilkins P5s

The interchangeable cables do not simply plug into an uncovered port — you raise an earpad off a magnetic coupling and push down to show a swiveling modular jack. The in-line microphone and far off provides extent adjustment to the acquainted iPhone-pleasant multifunction button with out introduced bulk.

And, oh yeah, the sound.

There is a technical time period for this stage of audio performance: DOPE. You do not count on bass from a organisation that recommends you down load lossless variations of Peter Gabriel and the Creole Choir of Cuba from its website, however hook the P5s as much as a few nasty hip hop and their 40mm Mylar drivers will rattle the gold off your grille. Hook up some thing sweeter, and the telephones will tug on the coronary heart you in no way idea you had with their dulcet excessive notes and reduce-crystal midrange.

Bowers & Wilkins P5s

Think we are over-enthusiastic? Go to the shop and feature a listen — however carry cash. You do not need that $three hundred impulse purchase compiling hobby to your credit score card statement.

WIRED Sounds so sweet, you will need to re-rip your complete tune library into lossless files. Memory foam earpads block a ton of ambient noise. Go in advance and wear ’em in public — the low-profile headphones may not make you appear to be a ham radio operator. Interchangeable cables: one with an inline mic, one with out. Included pouch is so swank, you will probable see a knock-off on the market on Canal Street in the month.

TIRED One small gripe: The tiny sub-earpad tab that holds the cable in its routing channel is poorly machined and sharp sufficient to reduce the rubber twine jacket. Pricey? Yep. Worth it? No doubt.


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