DANGLING LIKE A piñata from a polyester rope, I’m inching up a 1,000-year-vintage tree named Grand­father. This woodland in Northern California’s Santa Cruz Mountains is stated to be the best region in which you may legally climb a redwood. I’ve blanketed approximately a hundred toes in 30 minutes, midway to the pinnacle. Suspended in my saddle—a form of swing-meets-­diaper—I try and maneuver round a thick department and by chance ship myself careening farfar from the craggy trunk. I panic and make the error of searching down on the tiny humans below. But it’s too past due to show returned

Tree Climbing Planet founder Tim Kovar, who prepared the excursion, glides over. Though the grasp climber has scaled greater than 5,000 trees, this challenge is rather rare, he says. “More humans were to the pinnacle of Mount Everest than to the pinnacle of an vintageincrease redwood.” I take a deep breath, awareness my gaze on some sapsucker holes, and go back to a rhythm: Sit, stand, extend. After an hour I subsequently attain the crown and am rewarded with majestic mountain perspectives and a glimpse of the Pacific. I stretch my aching palms, then start my slow-movement shimmy returned to earth.

Hand cramps: Sit returned on your saddle, region your fingers collectively in a praying position, and slowly push your palms returned and forth.

Panic attacks: Trust your equipment. Kovar’s climbers use handgrip units referred to as ascenders to enhance upward and a belaying tool with a protection lock to save you loose-falls.

While in Santa Cruz // STAY: Request a Monterey Bay view on the ultra-unfashionable Dream Inn, in which surf work of art deck the partitions and seashore cruisers are loose to use. EAT: Pair Jamaican Oxtail Stew with a neighborhood pint from New Bohemia brewing on the Jerk House. DO: Geek out over dubious “Gravitational anomalies” on the screwy shack called The Mystery Spot. (Spoiler: Subtly slanted angles distort gadgets and create a resounding optical illusion.)


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