THE NEW IPHONE SE is probably Apple’s most inexpensive iPhone, however it nevertheless has a pitcher the front and returned, that are no much less at risk of shattering at the primary drop. Sure, it is small and simpler to maintain one-surpassed than Apple’s pricier and large telephones, however the usage of a case is a clever manner to defend your investment. We’ve examined several, and those are our favorites. We’ve additionally rounded up some add-ons we love, in particular for the reason that there is no charging adapter withinside the box. 

Keep in thoughts that the iPhone SE 2022 stocks the equal dimensions because the 2020 iPhone SE or even the iPhone eight from 2017, that means there are a ton of instances to be had for them in case you do not see one you want right here. (You may also be capable of use your vintage one!) Be certain to test out our different shopping for guides, such as the Best iPhone, Best iPhone thirteen Cases, Best iPhone 12 Cases, Best MagSafe Accessories, and Best Mobile Camera Gear for extra.  

Updated May 2022: We’ve delivered new instances from Incipio, Kate Spade, and Speck.

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The Battersea can provide good enough safety, does not fee too plenty, and appears quite clever. The tender-contact polycarbonate returned has a grooved layout that I fear may entice a few dirt and lint, however it is smooth to clean. The vivid and grippy thermoplastic polyurethane bumper is thick to take in impacts, but the complete bundle does not sense overly bulky. The buttons are nevertheless smooth to press, and the digital digicam at the returned is secure from flat surfaces.

This narrow case from Spigen is enough to provide your iPhone SE a few simple safety from maximum ordinary scuffs and perhaps even small drops. The thermoplastic polyurethane fabric is quite bendy and really thin, however it covers all the rims, the buttons stay clicky, and I love the textured sample at the returned. It feels wonderful to contact.

★ Also wonderful: Speck’s Presidio2 Pro ($20) is a pleasant, inexpensive alternative. The edges are nicely covered with small bumpers, and the rims are raised pretty a piece so there is first rate display screen safety too. The tender-contact end feels nice, the buttons are smooth to press, and everything is thin. It’s a smidge extra defensive than Spigen’s option, however I’m a sucker for the feel of Spigen’s case and its thinness.  

LifeProof’s See collection is my favored from the company. The tender-contact bumper is thick sufficient to take in shocks and feels grippy, plus the buttons stay clicky. You get a clean returned so that you can allow the iPhone’s layout shine through. Best of all, the case is crafted from 50 percentage recycled plastic, and for each purchase, LifeProof donates $1 to a water-minded nonprofit organization. 

This case is an improve over the Liquid Air above, in that it is plenty extra defensive and springs with a kickstand, however it’s far a piece thicker. As the iPhone SE is a small and svelte telecellsmartphone, it nevertheless feels smooth to apply one-surpassed and stays pretty pocketable. There’s a thick bumper round the rims, and those edges also are decently raised across the display screen. The buttons are clicky, and the mute transfer is accessible. Best of all, there is a kickstand! It feels a piece flimsy, and it most effective maintains the telecellsmartphone upright in panorama orientation, however it does the job. 

If you hate instances however need a few sort of safety in opposition to scratches and scuffs, there is no higher preference than Totallee. Its instances are pretty thin, if a piece flimsy, and it might not defend your telecellsmartphone from maximum drops. Out of the 3 kinds you may pick—Frosted Black, Frosted Clear, and Clear (Soft)—I suggest the latter. It’s a piece extra defensive than the alternative  at the same time as nevertheless being very thin. It’s additionally one of the satisfactory clean instances I examined; fingerprints are not too visible, and it feels nice.

Dropping your iPhone all of the time? Get some thing extra defensive, like OtterBox’s Commuter case. It’s a dual-layer case, that means you placed on the tender internal first after which the difficult outer layer over it. This is tricky, because the internal were given squished via way of means of the outer case in a few areas; a touch finagling made it paintings. It feels defensive and narrow, with raised edges across the display screen, aleven though the buttons are a smidge more difficult to press. 

The OtterBox Defender Pro is extra on the intense end, with triple layers. There’s the difficult internal layer you want to position at the front and back of the telecellsmartphone and clip together. Then positioned the bendy outer cowl over it. The pinnacle internal layer additionally has a clean membrane display screen cowl, and the mute transfer and charging port are protected up too, so that you sincerely have become complete safety. The display screen cowl does make it more difficult to apply the iPhone, as you may want to push down tougher in your inputs to register. Thankfully, the bodily buttons are all smooth to press. But wait, it is now no longer all! It consists of a holster in case you need to clip the telecellsmartphone to a belt, and the holster also can double as a kickstand.

Apple’s reputable instances are a piece overpriced, and I’m now no longer a large fan of the silicone version—it simply does not sense all that wonderful and draws plenty of dirt and lint. The backside fringe of the telecellsmartphone isn’t always covered too. If you need 

 an Apple-made case, go together with the leather-based version. Like the silicone case, there is a fantastic microfiber lining at the internal to defend the glass in your iPhone, and everything may be very narrow. 

Two weeks with the iPhone SE and I’ve already observed a tiny scratch at the display screen. It’s clever to cowl up the glass at the the front too. We pick tempered glass, and all of those are smooth to use. 

Spigen Tempered Glass Screen Protector for $14: It’s almost not possible to overcome the fee you get right here with Spigen. You get  tempered display screen protectors and an entire package that makes it very smooth for anybody to use them. It will make the effort to take out the ones air bubbles with the covered squeegee aleven though, so be patient. 

Zagg Invisible Shield Tempered Glass XTR for $60: I attempted 3 display screen protectors from Zagg. They’re all smooth to use, however I appreciated the texture of the XTR the maximum (sadly, its charge is obscene). It additionally failed to bubble up as plenty and adhered to the display screen higher. Touching the display screen nevertheless feels very responsive and smooth. Zagg claims there is higher blue mild filtration, however I failed to note plenty of a difference.  

Going skiing? Or perhaps kayaking? This LifeProof case makes your iPhone SE waterproof. Apple’s telecellsmartphone is IP67 water-resistant, that means it could be submerged in water as much as a meter for approximately 30 minutes. This case helps you to submerge the SE in water up to two meters for one hour. I snapped it on and positioned it in a bowl of water for an excellent period of time—after commencing it up, there wasn’t a unmarried drop of water internal. The downside? The buttons are very difficult to press, and due to the fact there is a tiny hole among the display screen and the display screen cowl, contact interactions are not as responsive. It’s satisfactory used for brief stints in case you virtually want your telecellsmartphone with you underwater. 

The iPhone SE is one of the few telephones at its charge to help wi-fi charging. The charging pace isn’t always fast, however it is handy to simply plop the telecellsmartphone down on a charger or pad without a cables involved. So get a wi-fi charger! Anker’s chargers are to be had as both a stand or pad; each are plasticky, however they may be dust reasonably-priced and feature fine. Check out our Best Wireless Chargers manual for heaps of extra options. 

Got an Apple Watch and AirPods with a wi-fi charging case? This available dock from Mophie helps you to rate all 3 at once. (You can rate the iPhone horizontally or vertically.) It’s spendy and takes up a piece of room on a desk, however it seems spiffy and hey, you do not want to have more than one cables walking to at least one adapter. 

Speaking of charging adapters, the iPhone SE does not include one; you may simply discover a USB-C to Lightning cable withinside the box. If you do not have a USB-C adapter mendacity round, this 20-watt charger from Anker will suffice. The plugs do not fold, however the complete factor is critically tiny and smooth to take with you anywhere. It additionally is available in a few a laugh colors.

★ Also wonderful: If you pick having one charging adapter for your bag to juice up all of your devices, get this Satechi 108-watt wall charger ($75). It has sufficient electricity to simply recharge your MacBook Air, iPad Pro, and iPhone SE on the equal time, and I like that the prongs fold up. It’s nevertheless compact sufficient to toss in any bag. 

Apple’s cables do not maintain up nicely over time. If you are hard in your gear, it is probably an excellent concept to improve the cable that comes withinside the box. The PowerKnit cable from Nimble is crafted from a knit fabric, and it seems like it could take plenty of abuse. It’s crafted from recycled plastic and aluminum (and is BPA- and PVC-loose). It’s attractive, and you may pick from 3 lengths (1, 2, or three meters). They’re rated to address as much as 60 watts, so that you can use this to recharge your MacBook Air. 

A small telecellsmartphone method a small battery, and the iPhone SE will most effective remaining you approximately a complete day (if now no longer much less). It’s an excellent concept to percent a transportable battery in case you plan on being farfar from an outlet for maximum of the day. Nimble’s Champ collection is our favored. The Champ Pro’s 20,000-mAh potential is probably overkill, in particular for the reason that the same old 10,000-mAh Champ can recharge the iPhone SE some instances over. There’s a USB-A port to rate any other tool as nicely. But the motive we love Nimble over many others is that it makes use of bioplastics and plastic-loose minimum packaging to lessen its environmental effect. Read our Best Portable Chargers manual for extra.

Kate Spade New York Hardshell Case for $24: This iPhone case does not defend the lowest fringe of the iPhone, and the buttons are difficult to press, however it is cute! The sequins withinside the center of the plants are layered over the HollyHock Floral version, that is what I attempted, and you may sense them individually—a pleasant contact. There are some different designs to pick from. 

Incipio Duo for $35: This case is almost equal to the Speck Presidio2 Pro we suggest above. They appearance and sense like twins, with effect bumpers on the rims and a tender-contact end. However, the Speck case’s edges are raised extra for higher display screen safety. It’s additionally a tiny bit cheaper.



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