With the technical advancement, YouTube has become more prominent than ever. Due to its popularity, people are running to have more likes on their videos to increase their content’s visibility as much as they want. However, this led to some people to buy YouTube likes to increase their channel’s visibility and make a fool out of the algorithm.

These are not the only ways by which you can increase your likes. There are many organic ways which would help you to increase your views organically with better user engagement and help you to achieve your target audience.

How does YouTube rank videos?

This social media platform uses various factors as ranking factors, which are as follows.

  • Video quality
  • Channel keyword
  • View count
  • User experience metrics
  • Video watch time
  • Thumbnail
  • Algorithm

What is the YouTube algorithm?

YouTube algorithm is based on an artificial intelligence-based program Which is used by every social media networking site to enhance the user experience of their users. It helps them to make the suggestion more prominent and valuable for their user. It is a program based on artificial intelligence that allows it to collect data from your search history and click per view. 

At first, the algorithm on YouTube works on the number of likes in a particular video, which also works as a ranking factor. Because so many content creators buy YouTube likes, they can also increase their channel’s visibility with the help of an algorithm. One of the most important things is that YouTube often ranks videos according to audience reaction.

Ways to increase likes on YT

Due to the rise in demand for social media platforms and content creators, a sense of competition is rising worldwide. Today it is very challenging to cope with the latest trends and other content creators in the community. However, below are a few ways by which you can increase your likes organically.

  1. Conduct complete research on keywords – YouTube allows users to put keywords in channels description, videos description and the video title. So, it would be idle for you to conduct complete research where you can find relative and excellent quality keywords for your content. Keywords are words like hashtags that help your videos gain a lot of organic traffic with search results.

For instance, if you have a channel related to gaming, it would be ideal for adding hashtags and keywords related to games such as football, cricket, FIFA and many more related to online games that people search in the search bar. However, ensure that you only add keywords in the description of the title in the first few lines because it is the only word where it would be available on your screen.

2. Optimize your video before and after uploading – One of the most important aspects of YouTube is to optimize its channel to increase likes on videos. The optimization can be done in different types before and after video upload.

  • Optimization before uploading – Make sure you only use a high-quality camera or screen recording to record your video because it would provide you with good quality resolution. A good quality resolution, a good quality edit and a high-quality upload pixel. You can also use the primary keyword and save your file on that name.

Make sure you do not use free editing software because they are often very economical but lack many features and provide you with a low intensity of pixel quality. On the other hand, spending money on decent editing software would be an excellent option to make your video look more premium. 

  • Optimizing video after upload – You must create a title that looks very natural and includes at least one to two keywords between them. There are around 150 characters which you can use in the title, but making a title around 60 to 70 characters attracts the most user. Using high-volume and low-competitive keywords in the description would be the perfect choice for your video.

YT Allows you to upload a description of around 400 words but uploading around 100 to 150 words Can be a good option because most people like short and sweet descriptions. Moreover, you should only add a custom thumbnail with high-quality editing skills and many informative pictures. Finally, please do not include irrelevant hashtags in your video because they will likely decline your fan following and likes.

YouTube algorithms recognize different types of channels, and they only prefer channels for their use that remain active throughout the year. The above things will help you to increase your likes organically on your channel. Hard work is the only key to success because there is no definite trick that you can use to increase your likes organically. A good quality content creator already has the skills to attract users. All they need is to optimize their video and go on.

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